There is no lack of excellent information on the web; the challenge is finding it. Here is a growing list of resources for massage therapists and manual therapy practitioners. You will find links to podcasts, evidence-based blogs, current and past research, professional associations and more. For suggested changes and additions please email me at

Blogs and Websites

Bruce Martell RMT

Cor Kinetic – Ben Cormack

Critical Physiotherapy Network  – An international collaborative network of critically-informed academics, clinicians & researchers who draw on the health sciences, social sciences & the humanities to explore, challenge & develop physiotherapy theory & practice.

Engaging Muscles – Rick Merriam

Evidence Based Fitness – Dr. Bryan Chung

Evidence Informed Physical Therapy – Dr. Jarod Hall

Forward Thinking PT – Adam Rufa- Blog, Special Tests Analysis, Surgical Reviews

Health Skills – Chronic Pain Management – Dr. Bronnie Lennox Thompson

Informed Science – Arnold Warkentin

Know Pain – Mike Steward

Massage St. Louis – Alice Sanvito

Modern Manual Therapy The Eclectic Approach – Erson Religioso

Movement Potential – Nick Ng

My Cuppa Joe – Joletta Belton

Painstaking – Monica Noy

Pain Science – Paul Ingraham

Pain Science Center- Rex Fujiwara PT

Pain Talks  – Lissanthea Taylor

Paincloud – Ole Morten Salte

Pain Research ForumHarvard Neurodiscovery Center – Webinar Advisory Panel consists of Chas Bountra PhD, Iain Chessell PhD, Carole Ho MD, Charles Inturrisi PhD, Stephen McMahon PhD, Joseph V. Pergolizzi Jr. MD, Robert B. Raffa PhD, and William Schmidt PhD.

Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science – Greg Lehman

The RMT Education Project – Richard Lebert

The Science PT – Erik Meira

Smertespecialistern – Lars Avemarie (While many blogs are in Danish, many are duplicated in English as well.)

Understanding Pain – Rey Allan


Touch Institute Research

Massage Therapy Foundation

Massage Therapy Canada – Research

US National Institutes of Health- Massage 

American Massage Therapy Association – Research

International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork: Research, Education, & Practice

Massage Therapy Research and Education Dr. Christopher Moyer

New Zealand Massage Therapy Research Centre

Pain Lectures by eminent leaders in the field



The Be Better Podcast – Dr. Greg Wells

Healthy, Wealthy and Smart – Dr. Karen Litzy

Liberated Body Podcasts  – Brooke Thomas

Mark Finch Learning

The Massage Therapy Collective – Justine De Boer-Sones

Naked Physio Podcast  – Paul Lagerman

The Physio Matters Podcast – Jack Chew

PT Podcast – An excellent collective effort encompassing PT Podcast, PT Inquest, The NAF Physio Podcast and Pain Science and Sensibility. Featuring Erik Meira,J.W. Matheson,Adam Meakins, Sandy Hilton,Cory Blickenstaff, Scot Morrison, and Jason Brumitt.



The Pain Exert Series – Over 16 hours of interviews and lectures on pain with experts such as Moseley, Stanton, Butler, O’Sullivan, Nijs, O´Connell, Zusman, Lehman, Reme, Thacker, Louw and Dr. Kieran O’Sullivan


Professional Publications

Massage and Fitness Magazine – Nick Ng

Practical Pain Management


Business Development

Massage Business Blueprint  –

Massage Therapist Practice – Don Dillon

Continuing Education

Massage Therapist Development Centre – Jamie Johnston

Touch U – Doug Alexander

Massage Therapy Research and Education – Dr. Christopher Moyer

L.A.S.T. – Robert Libbey

Foundations in Myofascial Release Seminars – Walt Fritz

Professional Associations

Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario

Registered Massage Therapists Association of British Columbia

RMTBC’s Current Awareness Tool (CAT)