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Preventing Repetitive Strain Injury
February 6, 2012 Arms and Hands,Injury Prevention,Neck and Shoulders,Repetitive Strain Injury Brian Fulton

TWENTY- TWO WAYS TO PREVENT REPETITIVE STRAIN INJURY Overuse of any area of the body can lead to a repetitive strain injury (RSI), also known as cumulative trauma. One way of looking at this is that the body area is being used so much that the body has trouble keeping up with tissue oxygen needs,

Computer Workstation Ergonomics
February 6, 2012 Arms and Hands,Back and Pelvis,Injury Prevention,Neck and Shoulders,Repetitive Strain Injury Brian Fulton

  Ergonomics is the field of study that attempts to minimize the negative impact of work on our bodies. While ergonomics primarily looks at the work environment, the principles may be applied to anything that we do, from the physical set-up of our home computer to the shape of your snow shovel handle.

Neck and Shoulder Tension
February 5, 2012 Healthy Lifestyle,Managing Common Conditions,Massage,Neck and Shoulders Brian Fulton

The Art of Letting Go One of the most common complaints I hear as a massage therapist is concerning neck and shoulder tension. We are all actually hardwired to store tension in this area of the body. If you look at anyone surprised by a loud noise or any sudden stressor, you will see their