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Go Barefoot- The Importance of Grounding Yourself
March 9, 2013 Healthy Lifestyle,Managing Common Conditions,Rehabilitation Brian Fulton

  There is always a treasure trove of wisdom available to us simply by looking back at how we as humans lived in our tribal days, whether we look at our social structure, our politics (which was truly democratic because everyone got to vote on issues), our diet, or our lifestyle. ¬†Because we spent tens

Living in a Chemical Soup
February 19, 2012 Healthy Lifestyle Brian Fulton

  The topic of chemical exposure has re-entered the news these days with leading stories of major retailers yanking bisphenol A (BPA) off of their shelves. BPA is a synthetic chemical compound found in some hard clear plastics, (e.g. Lexan) and is used as liners in many metal cans. After several studies in peer-reviewed journals